Quality Management Principles

BİSAM INC. In order to increase its effectiveness in the market with respect to the goal of productive development, utilizing the resources effectively, respecting the environment and human health, with the understanding of service based on customer satisfaction and trust;
•    To establish sustainable quality management systems in all processes in our institution, to provide sustainable service at international standards
•    In the products and services we provide; keep customer satisfaction at the highest level
•    To consider customer satisfaction in all our activities and to provide products and services in accordance with national and internationally accepted values and standards.
•    To create a quality management system that aims to ensure timely deliveries and continuous improvement through the efficient use of resources, eliminating transactions that do not create value
•    Reviewing our business processes with self-evaluation process, identifying preventive approaches to improve our performance
•    To evaluate suppliers as part of the quality they create, and to contribute to the continuous development of our suppliers together with audits and joint works
•    Working in a team spirit with our employees, suppliers and business partners, to become a national and international brand in the sector
We are committed to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 management systems standards, the applicable conditions and the continuous improvement of our targets and performance by ensuring that the activities are followed and followed in the direction.