In today's business world where our responsibilities towards the society and the environment become more important, we see sustainability as a powerful management system that we implement in all our business areas and in our geographies. Because we know that our future depends on the decisions we take and the steps we take. We consider sustainability not as an extra subject, but as a way of doing business. Within the framework of this consciousness, we realize projects by utilizing solar energy, which is one of the cleanest energy sources. We work in collaboration with Bisam Solar, a company specializing in photovoltaics (converting solar energy directly into electrical energy), with engineers and technicians who have built their years for environmentally-friendly energy generation. Sustainability is an approach that enables us to create added value for our customers as well as for the society and the environment we are in, and to minimize the risk of unintended consequences that may compromise our future success. It is of utmost importance that a company provides its customers with the highest quality services, as well as providing the maximum performance, proper and efficient functioning, and long-term service.