Bisam Facade Building Systems, aluminum curtain wall systems and aluminum doors since 2000; is designing and producing architectural solutions related to window systems. It has become one of the pioneers of aluminum cladding façade sector by realizing many large-scale and important projects with the experience and expertise gained in the country and abroad. Aesthetics, economy and functionality in a combination of innovative, high-quality, long-lasting and customer-oriented solutions to offer the most appropriate solutions. The company produces aluminum profile processing, composite plate processing and steel processing departments in its factory in Silivri, Istanbul. Bisam Cephe, has an indoor area of ​​5.000 m² and has an indoor area of ​​7.000 m² in 12.000 m² land in Silivri Factory. Bisam Facade, with its technical and administrative staff of 40 people, has a production and assembly staff of about 320 people and has a capacity of processing 500 tons of door and window joinery, 1,200 tons of facade and 90,000 m² of composites in one year. Never hold limited to goals by Turkey acts with the goal of becoming one of the wanted aluminum curtain wall company in the world market. Germany, France, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia and Kazakhstan, especially in many countries have carried out projects. Bisam Facade will continue to act on the mission of realizing the quality in design and manufacturing in accordance with European standards, to keep the knowledge and experience of all personnel to the maximum level and to provide support to its customers with the solutions it provides to its customers.


We highly care to increase our service quality and service range in the direction of our customers’ demands every year, to generate new lines of business, always to do better both in Turkey and abroad and hence to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level since we were established.


2000   Bisam Facade Systems was established.

2001   First foreign project was occurred in Turkmenistan.

2002   Construction sites were set up in three countries simultaneously.

2003   First export of door and window joineries to Europe was made to France.

2004   Various projects in seven countries were run simultaneously in a year.

2005   ISO 9001 certificate was gotten.

2006   First project in Romania was realized.

2007   Silivri factory was founded. & First BIPV project was conducted.

2008   We were ranked seventh of tax record holders in Silivri region.

2009   A strategy against global financial crisis was evolved with the establishment of Bisam Solar. & ICOC Technology and Innovation Category Winner award was gotten.

2010   Investments in BIPV and PV systems started.

2011   Working areas in domestic market were enhanced.

2012   The first preparatory works on ERP (IFS) were done.

2013   Whole system was integrated into IFS, so all departments started to work through IFS.

2014   Transportation of materials to montage site with barcode and separate packaged was ensured. & ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates were gotten.


Our vision; To be among the companies sought in the world market with its high quality, economical and fast solutions, in short, to be a world firm. Our mission; To provide quality, quality and economical solutions to all customers, which are accepted as business partners, to support the customers in the market by providing the quality, design and manufacturing quality in accordance with European standards, and by keeping the knowledge, experience and quality understanding in a way to ensure that all employees serve in these standards. .

Our principles

Bisam Facade has been acting without compromising its principles since its establishment. Continuity: The past is the mirror of the future! Real success; quality, customer satisfaction, business discipline and performance is to make. Solution Orientation: Everything that starts with being positive starts with what can be done! It quickly adapts to the customer's immediate changes and offers the most suitable solutions. Speed: Time is money! The ability to move quickly and respond quickly to customer needs is a must. Reliability: We stand behind our word! Bisam takes full responsibility for the projects it carries out. Clearance: See as you are or be as you look! There is clarity on the basis of long term communication. When the project is over, customers can do the best they can to say that inden Bisam always takes the responsibility of the project in the most accurate way, delivers it on time and is ready to help with everything we need. Dı

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

System - IFS What is ERP? ERP is the abbreviation of "Enterprise Resource Planning". It is generally translated into Turkish as Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is integrated information systems covering all functions of a business from sales to accounting, from production to human resources, from inventory management to customer relationship management. While ERP allows an organization to realize its internal processes in an integrated structure, the company moves beyond the boundaries of the company and provides full integration of the business to its customers, business partners and suppliers. First ERP use in the sector Bisam, out of ERP software programs operating in Turkey, especially in providing a superior integration of project management, Turkey cooperating with strong companies in the construction sector, Swedish-based global software firm IFS (IFS AB) with the agreement in 2012, in its own sector It was the first company to use ERP system. In a short period of 6 months, Bisam has been re-modeling all its processes and has been in use since January 2013 and continues to develop systems in line with the company's vision. Instant follow-up with IFS IF Together with IFS, our customers will be able to access the Daily Installation Progress Report of their project in the portal which will be opened with the username and password given to them. In this way, they will be able to follow up all phases of the project from the approval to the shipment. With the IFS, the project can be easily monitored by the customer in accordance with the program. Better quality service with IFS IF Bisam with IFS; It has integrated all business processes and strengthened communication and information flow between departments. It has systematized many jobs in its structure and minimized labor losses. It minimizes the stock levels and controls the costs. It has begun to control the applicability of all projects under its commitment in the planned time and budget range.