Aluminium composite panel systems and stone panels are preferred in cold facade cladding systems when different needs show up. Aluminium composite panel systems are mostly used due to features like fire resistivity and incombustibility. These systems are applied with that aluminium composite panels are covered with steel and aluminium construction to buildings.

Stone panels have been widely-used facade cladding systems because of some advantages like protecting building from external influences, ensuring heat insulation, being enduring, aesthetic and stylish. These are implemented with that natural stones (like granite and marble) or artificial stones (like terra cotta and ceramics which are produced privately) are covered with steel and aluminium construction to buildings.


This is a type of covering that is applied with fire-resistant aluminium composite sheets that are improved to be used for facades of buildings. High strength protective covered products are used for optional dimensions as well as standard dimensions. Solid, metallic, sparkling, natural stone and timber patterned alternatives are available.

Heat insulation is provided by the application of rockwool and steam equaliser behind the composite panel sheets.


Stones which are naturally strong and reliable are the most preferred cladding materials because of aesthetic and highly advantageous specifications. Its features such as being impact resistant, water proof and resistant to external factors provide to distinguish itself during the choice of facade cladding material. These stone panels can be natural like granit or marble or can be produced with natural colors like terracotta or any color of designer’s choice like ceramic.

The application is done on the blank wall after the insulation. Special construction profiles and special accessories are used for fixing the panels. The dimensions of the panels can be put by the designer. Also fugues can be generated between the panels for a rich and smart appearance according to the client’s requirements.