Security systems which Bisam offers can be divided into three groups including fire doors, smoke and heat evacuation systems and bullet-proof systems.

In fire door implementations, there are some alternatives like single-leaf door or double-leaf door and inward-opening door or outward-opening door. These doors were tested in accordance with European standards and they were certified being fire-proof.

Smoke and heat evacuation systems frequently used in industrial buildings and business offices enable damages which can come up in the event of fire to minimise.

Furthermore bullet-proof systems have passed tests done according to European standards with success.


Thermo 74 is the system that is suitable for European standards and provides fire resistance for 60 minutes for fixed joineries and 30 minutes for doors. Thermo 74 system allows inward-opening door and outward-opening door in addition to single-leaf-door and double-leaf-door.

The system prevents heat passing from one side to another as well as it provides integrity of joinery in the event of fire.

The European standards (EN) are:

  • EN 1634-1:2000
  • EN 1363-1:1999
  • EN 1363-2:1999


These systems make access to fire exits easier by the evacuation of smoke and heat. That provides goods in the building to be protected and minimizes damages. It is mostly preferred in industrial buildings and business offices.

Where these systems are applied to are generally common use areas like staircases and connection points inter-buildings.


The bullet-proof system is the unique system which is suitable for EN 1522 and EN 1523. It also provides opportunity of producing fixed joinery and inward-opening door wing and outward-opening door wing. It has been successful for both shooting tests made vertically and crosswise.

European standards (EN):

  • NBN EN 1522: 1999
  • NBN EN 1523: 1999